Some of the best features Of VAGA Trip App

Our VAGA tribe loves us and swears by us! Here's why:

  • Travel with verified legit people
  • Create your own trips
  • Join existing trips
  • Control who you travel with
  • Explore new places & make new bonds
  • “Explore” your favorite destination like a local

Find your VAGA travel buddy at VAGA Trip App

Discover like-minded passionate travelers around the world from the comfort of your home. The VAGA tribe is a community of wanderlusters who love to explore new places just like you.

Creating a trip on our app is as simple as ordering your favorite pizza online!

  • Download & Sign up for the app
  • Give us a few details about yourself
  • Find like-minded VAGA travel buddies
  • Make your own trip / Join an existing one
  • Make beautiful memories with your VAGA buddies

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Vaga Trip

You can download the app from both play store and app store. Once you sign up for the app, you give us a few details about yourself. After registering, you can look for like-minded VAGA travel buddies. You can either join an existing trip or make a new one and let other people join you. You can even chat with other VAGA travel buddies and get to know them better before you travel together.

Getting your profile verified is a very simple process. Just go to the verification section and upload your ID to get verified.

The safety of our VAGA tribe is our first priority, which is why we allow only verified travelers on the app. You also have the option to chat with your travel buddy and get to know them better before you travel together

After you sign up, we ask you a few details about the kind of traveler you are, your hobbies, the languages you speak etc. which helps us match you to like-minded travelers.

After signing up, the VAGA app allows you to explore the profiles of VAGA travel buddies that are near you and match your traveler personality. You can even filter them based on their distance from you, hobbies, passions and age. You can mark the people that interest you as your favorite.

VAGA app shows you all the details shared by the buddy who has created the trip. You can view the dates of travel, the kind of trip that is expected, number of people that would be a part of the trip, and also the profile of the creator. You also have the option to chat with them. Your perfect trip is just a click away!

Planning a trip with VAGA buddies has a lot of benefits.
More the merrier!
You get to meet a lot of new people, share your experiences with them and learn from their experiences. You get to explore new places with your new buddies and get to explore things from their perspective.
You get to save money as you share the costs with your VAGA travel buddies.
You get to know and connect with people you will be traveling with before the trip begins.
Traveling with verified buddies means safety for all.
You create the memories of a lifetime.

On the contrary, traveling with the VAGA travel buddies will be cheaper since you share the costs with your co-travelers. Time to make your dream of staying at that drool worthy property in Manali a reality!